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Click on the Hybrid logo above to go to a web page that pokes fun at expensive hybrids.

There are only two pages. The Main page "" page and the "Our Promise" page where you were able to purchase a hybrid tag. On the "Our Promise" page you are able to hit a hyperlink to the Saturn Hybrid site that introduces you to the Vue Green Line. Afterwards hit the back button until you get back to

The Brief was to promote Air Canada's high frequency of flights between the "Rapidair" destinations, namely Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto, in a non traditional way. The idea was to create something that was both eye-catching and simple.

The agency created portable mini three dimensional billboards (Ok they were just cones) inscribed with the words "People Working Above." The campaign was set up on multiple days all over the business districts of Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto.

This Zero Carbon Footprint Logo we designed for Fiji Water. The idea was to put this on their bottle as well as Fiji t-shirts.